Lake County Circuit Court

Lake County Circuit Court Purchases EZAccess - September, 2005

Using the IntegraVox EZAccess wrapper for Jury System's Incorporated's JURY+ Access DLL, the Lake County Florida Information Technology Department has developed a customized interactive web response system for the County's Jury Department.:

Placer County

Placer County Superior Court Acquires JuryNet - July, 2005.

IntegraVox signed a contact in July, 2005 with Placer County Superior Court for the purchase and installation of JuryNet -- a comprehensive interactive web response system based on JURY+ Next Generation from Jury Systems Incorporated. The system works with the Court's JURY+ Next Generation application to:

Los Angeles County

IntegraVox and NEC implement Hybrid PBX in L.A.County - Sept, 2004

Working with IntegraVox and Los Angeles Superior Court Juror Services, NEC Unified Solutions completed the installation of two NEC NEAX 2400 IPX PBX systems at the Court's two Juror Services Call Centers in Los Angeles County. The switches support 120 staff members distributed between the two Call Center sites using the NEAX2400 circuit switched architecture, as well as several remote agents who connect to the system using the switch's VoIP module.

Placer County

Placer County JuryPhone Installation - June, 2004

IntegraVox customized and installed a 12-line JuryPhone voice response system with a 12-line backup IVR at the Court's data center in Auburn, California at the beginning of June, 2004.  The system works with the Court's JURY+ Next Generation application to:

Tuolumne County

Tuolumne County JuryPhone Installation - May, 2003

News for Tuolumne County.

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