EZAccess™ -- An ActiveX-compliant Wrapper for JURY+ Access®

Simplify programming against Jury Systems, Inc Jury+ Next Generation Access Module (JNGPCAPI).

For those customers wishing to develop a customized interactive web response application based on JURY+ Next Generation, our EZAccess™ wrapper product makes this process simple and straightforward. Since the JURY+ Access DLL is non-object-oriented, programmers familiar with object-oriented web development environments have difficulty accessing the data that it brings back from JURY+ Next Generation. EZAccess translates JURY+ Access output into properties and methods that are directly accessible to the latest web application development environments. It does the work of interfacing with the JSI Access Module so your development team can concentrate on building your application.

Based on the latest Microsoft .Net technology, EZAccess can support web development on any object-oriented platform (e.g. Java, C++, and of course .Net). For more information on EZAccess, please give us a call or fill out the following contact form.

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