Interactive Voice Response (IVR) System Design and Development

IntegraVox, LLC specializes in designing and developing interactive voice response systems to achieve superior service while reducing costs and improving employee effectiveness.

IntegraVox has extensive experience in developing both touchtone and speech-enabled IVR applications for the InterVoice/Convergys environment. This includes configuring the hardware and software components of customized solutions, as well as designing and programming the business applications that run on these systems.

For customers who host their IVR applications outside the Convergys environment, we build and deploy our IVR solutions using the Cisco Customer Voice Portal (CVP) from Cisco Systems, as well as the CT-ADE (Computer Telephony Application Development Environment) and Syntellect Communication Portal products from Syntellect, Inc. Formerly distributed by Envox known as Parity, this telephony development platform is widely used around the world to host touchtone and speech-enabled voice response applications on Dialogic-based IVR application servers.

If your organization already has a Convergys, Cisco, or Syntellect IVR application in place, and you need to enhance or modify  the program, IntegraVox can help. Our programming rates are far below those of our competitors, and our customer service is second to none. Just ask any of our customers. We'll be glad to provide you with contact information so you can speak with them directly about our capabilities and service record.

Speech Recognition System Development

Drawing from industry best practices in speech recognition system design, as well as our years of experience in developing IVR applications, IntegraVox uses the Open Speech Recognizer speech recognition product from Nuance Corporation to build robust, customer-centered speech recognition applications.

Picture of woman on the phone Picture of Agent on the phone
Computer Telephony Integration

Using computer telephony integration, your interactive voice response system can retrieve a customer's entire contact history and send it to the appropriate agent just before transferring the call. This allows agents to provide a level of personalized service that is sure to please. It also prevents agents from having to ask callers for the same identifying information that they have already input to the system before reaching the agent. IntegraVox, LLC has extensive experience in implementing these kinds of solutions.

Outbound Call Center Support

Organizations are increasingly taking a proactive approach to customer service by using outbound campaigns to reach customers in ways that will reduce their need to make inbound calls.  IntegraVox has extensive experience in programming, scheduling and managing these outbound campaigns.

Using advanced extract, translate and load (ETL) programming techniques we can take your customer contact information from any data source (database, flat file, etc.) and make it available for use in your organization's customized outbound scripts.

We develop customized reports that show the results of each outbound call along with charts and graphs that summarize these results.  We upload these reports, charts, and graphs on a daily basis either to your company intranet or to our website where you can access them anytime using a secure login.  This sample graph shows the results for a recent outbound system deployment that began in March, 2009.

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