Company Mission:

To provide honest value to our customers by delivering the highest qualify voice and web response systems at competitive prices, with a level of service and support that always exceeds our customers' expectations. As the name implies, we value integrity and service above marketing hype and will work tirelessly to ensure that we never promise something we can't deliver, and will always deliver exactly what we promise.

Company History:

IntegraVox, LLC has its origin in the Superior Court of California. The company's founders, Donald Tilley and Anthony Wicher started the company in 1996 after working with the Los Angeles Superior Court to design and implement the world's first Jury Administration voice response system in 1995. Prior to that, Tony Wicher had worked with Los Angeles Superior Court Juror Services to develop the Jury Management System - the world's first automated jury administration software package and the precursor to the JURY+ Classic product later marketed by Jury Systems Incorporated (JSI). Tony was also involved in the follow-on development of JSI's JURY+ Next Generation product.

In its first year of operation, the Los Angeles Juror Services IVR system provided such an improvement in Jury Administration staff productivity and in public access to Jury that it won the Los Angeles County Productivity and the California Superior Court's Klepps awards. When the Juror Services Call Center opened the next year, Don and Tony worked with Juror Services to provide mainframe-based screen pop of juror data to the agents in the call center, making the Juror Services call center the first one in Los Angeles county to incorporate screen pop technology. The company continues to support the day to day operation of the Los Angeles Juror Services Call Center which processes more than 30,000 calls per month transferred from the 469-line IVR system (800-SRV-JURY) that handles an average of over 600,000 calls per month.

Building on its experience with jury, call center technology, and its relationship with Jury Systems, Inc., IntegraVox launched the development of its JuryPhone product in 2001. It worked with JSI to develop and test the JSI JURY+ Access product for interfacing between voice and web response systems and the JURY+ Next Generation jury administration software package. It's long experience with jury enabled the company to incorporate features into the system that are not available in competing jury administration IVR and IWR products.

In addition to its work with jury-related systems, the company has teamed with such voice response and web response industry leaders as Enterprise Integration Group to develop call center solutions for a variety of private sector organizations.

IntegraVox Customer List:

  • EdFund
  • Enterprise Integration Group, Inc
  • Hoag Hospital of Orange County
  • Los Angeles County Superior Court (38 Court locations)
  • Lake County, Florida (Clerk of Circuit and County Court)
  • Tuolumne County Superior Court
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