Placer County Superior Court

JuryPhone implemented in California's Placer County Superior Court - June, 2004

Placer Courthouse IntegraVox customized and installed a 12-line JuryPhone voice response system with a 12-line backup IVR at the Court's data center in Auburn, California at the beginning of June, 2004.  The system works with the Court's JURY+ Next Generation application to:

  • Give jurors their reporting instructions, down to specific courtrooms, based on a combination of criteria including the time they are calling in to the system, their current status in JURY+ Next Generation, and JuryPhone Group Assignment data.
  • Let jurors postpone their service date within the predefined business rules the Court has set up in the JURY+ Next Generation system.
  • Transfer jurors to the Court's Jury Administration staff after playing them the juror's badge number and the function the juror was trying to perform before being transferred. This provides the Court with the same benefits as JURY+ Next Generation screen pop at a fraction of the cost.
  • Provide general jury service information to the public.
  • Allow jurors calling during the evening or on weekends to leave voice mail messages for jury staff.
  • Provide Jury Administration staff with reporting tools not available with competing Jury IVR products. These tools have significantly increased jury administration staff productivity while reducing clerical effort.

If you're interested in testing the system for yourself, please contact IntegraVox to obtain test jury badge numbers and instructions for using the system.

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