New at Placer County

Placer County Superior Court Acquires JuryNet

Placer Courthouse Placer County Superior Court's Jury Department went live with JuryNet in early November, 2005. A comprehensive interactive web response system based on JURY+ Next Generation from Jury Systems Incorporated, JuryNet works with the Court's JURY+ Next Generation application to:

  • Give jurors their reporting instructions based on a combination of criteria including the time they are calling in to the system and their current status in JURY+ Next Generation.
  • Let jurors postpone their service date within the predefined business rules the Court has set up in the JURY+ Next Generation system.

The system is tightly integrated with JuryPhone, our JURY+ Next Generation IVR product, so that group assignments, court location parameters, and other configuration changes made to JuryPhone tables are automatically reflected in JuryNet.

If you're interested in testing the system for yourself, please contact IntegraVox to obtain test jury badge numbers and instructions for using the system.

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